Thursday, November 27, 2008

Apple Pancakes and Rosie Live! 

After I finished sipping my tea out on the deck so I could enjoy the sights and sounds of the wildlife buffet (while wearing a coat, hat and gloves, with the hood up to block the rising sun from interfering with the viewing), The Girl and I continued with our Thanksgiving activities.

She got the turkey breast rub together and then tackled the dreaded job of smearing it on and under the turkey skin. Meanwhile, I created our Thanksgiving breakfast of German apple pancake - yum! Pictures of both to follow.

While we ate our breakfast, we watched the first episode of Rosie Live! that Tivo thoughtfully recorded for us last night while we were with the aging masses at the Eagles concert. Oh my god - I'm in heaven! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Rosie O'Donnell! Liza Minelli! Jane Krakowski! Show tunes! Harry Connick, Jr.! The Special Guest Door! Tap dancing, kick lines, Gloria Estefan! Dancing desserts! Alanis Freaking Morrisette! Rachel Ray with a giant inflatable roast turkey! WHEEEEEEEE!!!! I laughed, I cried - with joy. Seriously, I was welling I was so happy.

If The Girl had any doubts, they are gone. I am a variety show geek.

Still to come: the continuing saga of Thanksgiving dinner. Celery root and apple puree, sausage stuffing (from Joy of Cooking) and maple glazed butternut squash. And homemade pumpkin pie with freshly made whipped cream!!!! Yumbola!

The only "I forgot to get it" item thus far - sparking cider. Oh well.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 1:20 PM