Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! 

The Girl and I kicked off the holiday last evening with a trip out to Worcester for the Eagles concert. Or as Glenn Frey called it, "The Eagles Assisted Living Tour." The same could be said for us regular folk out in the audience. One advantage of aging audiences - better behavior. The Girl commented on the way out, "Hey - no one threw up near us!" My response: "Everyone was way too old for that kind of shit."

Even though we got in around 1:00 this morning, I was still up at sunrise putting out the buffet for the wildlife. Pickin's have been mighty slim out there this week, as the feeders ran out but so had my stash in the garden box. Yesterday after doing the pre-Thanksgiving errands on my list, I stopped in at Lowe's and stocked up. It was payday, after all!

Most of the various seeds are still in the car, as I didn't want to wake The Girl by opening the garage door and backing her car out so I could access the wheelbarrow, which I'll need to haul it all around back, but I did carry up several items for the wildlife buffet. Then I bundled up and did the following:
  • Filled the circular peanut dispenser (looks kind of like a red slinky with round wire instead of flat)
  • Replaced the suet/corn/fruit/seed block hanging from the bungy
  • Filled the blue Droll Yankee feeder with fruit/nut/seed mix
  • Filled the small Droll Yankee feeder with wildbird seed mix
  • Filled the red Droll Yankee feeder with thistle
  • Spread black oil sunflower seeds and cracked corn along top of the wall, on the ground around the feeders and in the yard near the wall.
Come and get it, critters and birds! I pointed out to The Girl that I had to be sure to put out the cracked corn for the wild turkeys, because after all, it IS their day!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:11 AM