Saturday, December 20, 2008

Amtrak to Wilmington and Back 

I'm back from another business trip, so that means... pictures!  These were all taken from the iPhone, which also geotags each shot as it's taken.  That means I can put them on the map using the coordinates logged, rather than having to try to figure it out based on time and context.  The iPhone GPS is pretty accurate, too.  Many pictures from the train it placed actually on the tracks on the map.  Anyway, check out the photoset for lots of stories.  

Info not included in the photoset:  Two new restaurants - Potstickers and Home Grown Cafe, both in Newark, Delaware.  

Potstickers is in a nondescript plaza-style shopping area, surrounded by Home Depot, Best Buy, Red Lobster, etc.  But don't let that fool you - it's freaking delicious!  Chinese and sushi.  One of the guys I was traveling with had tried sushi once but didn't like it.  We convinced him to try it again and he now wants to know where a good sushi place is in the greater Boston area.  I sent him to Samba in Framingham, of course.  The three of us shared the Potsticker's Angry Tuna Roll, the Sea Dragon Roll, Volcano Roll and of course an order of Peking Style Pork & Napa Cabbage Potstickers.  We also had the Honey Teriyaki Salmon in case the hesitant one didn't like the sushi, but it was hardly touched.  At the end of the meal we all had a bite just so it wouldn't go completely to waste.

Home Grown Cafe is in Historic Downtown Newark (Delaware, not NJ) and is a funky place with a wide variety of patrons, from college students to business folks to retirees.  Good food, good atmosphere.  It's on the main street and parking seemed like it could be tricky, but we lucked out and got a spot right in front.  I had the Pan Asian Hot and Sour Soup (very spicy) and the New Skool Gyro (good, but the lamb was just a little tough).  Also a very good latte.  My dining companion (the sushi convert) had the Mushroom Soup and the Pan Seared Salmon, both of which he said he enjoyed very much. 

Anyway, click on the photo, taken as the train was about to enter Penn Station, to go to the complete set:

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