Tuesday, February 19, 2008

There Will Be Blood 

…streaming from my eyes if I have to watch this movie again.

He's an oil man. He's a tough man. Nothing gets in his way. He does not like people. He does not like posers. Don't interfere with his family. Life was hard in the west. With a syncopated, atonal soundtrack. Oil is a dirty business. He's an oil man.

And if you are planning on seeing it, don't be dismayed by the first 15 minutes or so. There will be dialogue. If only more of the dialogue could be like the scenes between Daniel and Eli, there would have been less snoozing from The Girl.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nantasket Beach 

The Girl and I went out to Nantasket Beach and then let the TomTom take us on a driving adventure to get home on only back roads. We stopped at the beach to take some pictures and walk a bit (okay, I walked while The Girl stayed nice and warm in the car, listening to the satellite radio), then all the way out to the tip. Then we went south through Hingham and Hanover, then west through Brockton, Abington, Weymouth, Dedham and other places on a nice drive. Back at home, The Girl decided she needed to play Millipede, so we stopped in at Fun and Games. I think this was prompted by all the arcades at Nantasket that were boarded up for the winter. Click the oyster shell to see more photos of our day.

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Final 2007 Fall Foliage Tour - Northampton 

Way back in October The Girl and I set out for the third and final outing of our multistage fall foliage tour. This day it was out to Northampton for some shopping and lunch at a Tibetan cafe (The Girl chose it!), then over the mountains to North Adams. Upon not finding anything acceptable for dinner there, we returned to Northampton for dinner at an Argentinian restaurant. Mmm. Click on the trees to see the photo set. You can also see the Fall Foliage 2007 Collection of all three sets.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Oscar Movies So Far 

Juno - Loved it, The Girl loved it

Michael Clayton - I liked it, The Girl found it confusing. We both thought it took quite a while to get going, and neither of us really got too invested in the story.

Atonement - I thought it was okay. The Girl called it a snoozer, although she didn't actually fall asleep. The story was fine, the acting was fine, the cinematography was quite lovely and had lots of artsy angles, but overall it was just sort of flat.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age - I really enjoyed it, but The Girl fell asleep. She just really hates period pieces and grand histories.

Across the Universe - Fabulous on both counts

Once - We actually stopped the DVD after about 45 minutes as we just couldn't take it anymore.

Norbit - Yes, I actually watched this. From my hotel room in Sioux City. The makeup was terrific, which is what it's nominated for. It was actually a silly, fun movie.

Charlie Wilson's War - We both enjoyed it, but The Girl found it hard to follow

Ratatouille - Whee!

Sicko - The Girl enjoyed it, I got sucked in against my will. Michael Moore annoys me, things are skewed, but overall you just can't argue with some of it.

Bourne Ultimatum - We had a Bourne marathon, as we knew we wouldn't be able to follow it without refreshers on the first two. Fun.

3:10 to Yuma - We both enjoyed it. If you are watching it on DVD, I hope you have a good surround sound system for the train rumblings.

Bottom line thus far - Juno is the favorite for us both.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bar Exam 2007 

I loaded up the photos from my PowerShot from the evenings around the bar exam last summer. The Girl and I stayed in Boston for the exam. Since I couldn't have a camera or phone at the exam itself, these are mostly from the hotel. And the car, all packed to go.

The photos below shows exactly what I did have with me at the exam. This is everything, and just like liquids and gels at the airport, everything had to be in a clear plastic bag. Click on the bag to see more.

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Muskegon Photos 

I loaded the non camera phone pictures from my Muskegon trip of last week. Click on the airport art to see more. I love this picture.

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Avon Walk 2007 

I'm finally getting around to downloading more pictures off my camera and organizing them on flickr. Click the picture of my sisters and me to see tales of the Avon Walk 2007. It was a cold and rainy weekend...

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

My Muskegon View 

I'm all packed, I've had breakfast, checked my email, assisted some clients - all ready to go home! But my flight isn't until 1:30. Good news is that the highway appears nice and clear. You can see in this photo taken from my hotel window that the plow truck is just now clearing out the parking lot, but the highway to the right is just fine. Click over to the flickr pages to see some more info and notes on the pictures.

My plan now is to continue working in the room until a bit before 11:00 (check out time). Then I'll be meeting my colleague in the lobby. We'll still have some time before we really need to go to the airport, so perhaps we'll take a spin around the countryside (I have the Tom Tom, after all). Or maybe we'll just go to Starbucks. Time will tell.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Snow Follows Me 

I'm still in Muskegon, scheduled to fly home early tomorrow afternoon. It's a good thing the first flight out isn't until early afternoon, because we woke up this morning to a snowstorm that has raged all day long. This storm surprised everyone apparently, not just me. I had been checking the weather reports for Muskegon for the past week, to make sure I was adequately prepared for travel. Everyone said cloudy, highs in the mid to upper 30's - no problem! I didn't bring a coat - just a hat, scarf and gloves. And a fleece vest that I was just planning on wearing as part of my outfit tomorrow. I guess the local meteorologists have been apologizing to their viewers for not giving them more notice.

Of course the rental car didn't have a scraper, so I hand cleared it this morning. Fortunately the icy part didn't hit until this afternoon. We stopped at a gas station near the hotel and got a little six-inch scraper - it was all they had.

After our all day visit with the client, my travel companion and I ventured out to an Indian restaurant maybe one mile away, just up the same flat road from the hotel. Took us a good 20 minutes to get there. We were their only customers the entire time of our meal. We're not sure if they were happy that the night wasn't a total bust or a little irritated because they might have closed up shop if not for us.

So now I'm back in my hotel room, looking out the window at the snow coming down sideways and the snow on the ground blowing around in sheets and piling up in drifts. It's supposed to continue all night.

I'm so glad we're not scheduled for a morning flight.

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What's Up, World 

Yeah, so I guess it's been kind of quiet here in the RSLS blogspace. Holidays, work, nasty cold - whatever. I've been hitting the hotspots of the midwest this winter - Sioux City, Iowa in January, and now I'm back in Muskegon, Michigan for three days this week.

The trip to Sioux City was really something, as we had a big snowstorm here in Massachusetts that day. Three of us were supposed to go from Boston to Minneapolis and then on to Sioux City, arriving around 4:30 in the afternoon. All morning flights from Boston were cancelled, and we were each rebooked on different flights. I went from Boston to Detroit to Minneapolis to Sioux City, arriving at 10:35 pm. One of my companions went Boston to Minneapolis and was on my flight to Sioux City. Unfortunately our third colleague was routed through Memphis and then to Omaha. Yes, in Nebraska - 90 miles from Sioux City. And he doesn't drive. So my travel partner dropped me off at my hotel (the two guys ended up at a different hotel because they booked a week after me) and, armed with my Tom Tom, headed off for the 90 mile trip to Omaha to pick up our third. They got back around three in the morning. They arrived at my hotel lobby at 8:30 to walk over to the client, though. They weren't exactly brimming with energy, but they made it. We had agreed that I wouldn't go on the trip to Omaha so that at least one of us would be moderately alert.

On other subjects - What is up with Jenny on this season's L Word? Just when we thought she couldn't get any worse after last season, this one arrives! Why is anyone still speaking with her? Except Tina, because she has to. I pegged that new assistant as a nut job from her first appearance. Ask The Girl - she'll confirm this.

Loving Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Can't wait for Battlestar Galactica to return next month.

Speaking of BSG, I need to share some big news: The Girl is now officially hooked on BSG and on Heroes! She's all caught up on the previous seasons and is eager for things to start rocking again. HA! I'm winning her over to the Geek Side!

Plans are underway for the annual Oscar party, and it's starting to look like the strike might be over in time. Fingers crossed, everyone! New this year - HD and surround sound to enhance the Oscar viewing experience.

Even though I spent the day in airports and on planes, The Girl and I did make it to our local polling place this morning before I headed out. I'm now sitting in my hotel room periodically refreshing the results page on Boston.com as the precincts are reporting in. I live large, I know.

We finally took our Christmas decorations down a little over a week ago. Some of our neighbors haven't yet done so.

We're going to Miami for a week in March. Hopefully before then I'll upload the pictures on my cameras...

Okay, enough catching up. I make no promises to post more often, but I'll try.

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