Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bollywood, Winter Version 

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The Girl and I caught a double-header today, way up in Danvers. We saw Rachel Getting Married and Doubt. I really liked Rachel Getting Married, The Girl thought it was boring. We both thought Ann Hathaway was very good, however. Neither one of us was really thrilled with Doubt. It was good, but not great.

On our way home, we stopped in at the Bollywood Cafe on the Lexington-Arlington border, a few blocks from our old apartment. As always the service was slow, the temperature was freezing (and dropped several degrees each time someone came in or out), but the food was delish!

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Friday, January 30, 2009

What's Up? 

So what's up with me, you might be wondering.  Busy, busy, busy with work, work, work.  But also with other stuff.  I was learning Italian with Rosetta Stone online, but have switched to Spanish.  We're going back to Italy someday, but it really seems that I'll have more opportunity to use Spanish well before that.  My newest client site is in California (north of Sacramento), we're going to Miami in March, and we may take an Amtrak adventure to LA in the fall.  

I've also been doing lots of pondering about travel.  I was feeling a little down because while I long to go to all sorts of places and have adventures, The Girl is really more about the beach and golfing.  And large suitcases.  But I finally brought up some ideas to her, and she's willing to give it a go, as long as we alternate with beach/golf destinations, or incorporate them into the adventures.  That's great with me, because I'm all for relaxing walks on the beach.  I just like to do other stuff as well.  

The two big trips I've proposed as our starting points are the above-mentioned Amtrak adventure to LA.  This would involve taking a regular Amtrak (business class if available) to an eastern hub (Albany, NY, DC), then switching to a sleeper train to Chicago.  We'd make use of the Roomettes, which are private little cabins with a big picture window and seats that fold down into beds (and an upper berth that also folds down).  Then from Chicago another Roomette to LA.  Maybe spend a day in Chicago between trains.  Then a few days in the sun in LA, and a fast flight home.  I thought this would be a fun way to see the country, and it would be a good practice run for the next adventure: Morocco, on a two week tour with Intrepid Travel Out Adventures!  And she agreed!

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