Friday, February 13, 2009

Early Valentine's at Melting Pot 

The Girl is away with friends this weekend, so we had our Valentine's Dinner a couple of days early.  For once we had no problem getting the reservations we wanted at The Melting Pot in Framingham - I guess weeknights really are better, especially when there's a big date night event coming up.  I selected a nice red beverage to start - cranberry, club soda and lime:

Next up was the cheese course. We chose the featured cheese fondue, a Sam Adams Lager fondue. The meal started out with a cheese fondue. As you can see, it came with assorted breads, veggies and green apples for dipping:

While they do have a few larger rooms with multiple tables, much of the restaurant is made up of quiet little booths with high walls, making for a cozy environment of multiple private dining rooms. Since it was just the two of us, we got a booth. Better for romantic dining, as the rooms can become rather boisterous. They had lovely jazz piped in, which was quite lovely until the sounds of the live jazz trio started wafting in from the bar area. Fortunately the clash wasn't that bad.

After the cheese came the salad, followed by the entree course. We chose the Mojo style, which was light and citrusy. Here you can see some of the dipping sauces that come with it. The two red handles are my fondue forks with pork and beef cooking in the pot, while the pink handle is The Girl's. The blur at the top is the chicken on the end of The Girl's other fork as she's removing it for consumption. The 16 is the heat setting on the fondue element.

Wrapping it up was a flaming pot of white chocolate with bananas and a touch of caramel, with a platter of fruit and other sweets for dipping. Then we rolled ourselves back out to the car.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 6:09 AM