Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Morning Shuffle 

Several of my blog friends and I used to take part in the Friday Random Shuffle, where every Friday we would press Shuffle/Random on our various MP3 players and list out the first ten songs that played - no skipping, no limiting the pool.  TCU has suggested we revive this pastime, which lapsed a few years back.  

Sadly, my weekday office locale isn't very conducive to iPod playing, so I'm instead proposing the Saturday Morning Shuffle.  To get things going, here are mine:

  1. Young Americans - Tina & The B-Side Movement (Originally purchased at an indie record store in Minneapolis, whose owner would buy the tapes direct from Tina when she came into the shop each week.  Later replaced with CD.)
  2. Why Georgia - John Mayer
  3. Bonnie Lass O'Fyvie - The Royal Scots Dragoons and the Band of the Coldstream Guards (I took my parents to this concert last year)
  4. I Quit - Hepburn (as featured on Buffy)
  5. The Champion of the Seas/Over the Isles to America/Pop Goes the Weasle/Rossie Castle - Bonnie Rideout 
  6. Oh Jesus - Tina  The B-Side Movement (I only have two of her CD's, but she beat the odds to make it into the shuffle twice today)
  7. Illuminati - Fatboy Slim (From Tomb Raider, of course!)
  8. Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos) - Joan Baez (NAF was once stunned into wordlessness upon encountering Joan B. at a diner.  All she could manage were a few odd squeaks.)
  9. Hark, the Herald Angels Sing - Vince Garibaldi Trio (Who doesn't love A Charlie Brown Christmas?)
  10. The Great Peace March - Holly Near (I've seen her several times, including at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival when I was unlucky enough to be traveling with my psycho ex's dance troupe but at least with the benefit of being able to sit on the stage while Holly Near rehearsed.)
BONUS TRACK:  I kept the player going, and a couple of songs later, up came the Carpenters singing Close to You!  Yes, I have this in my iTunes collection and on the iPod.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 7:25 AM