Saturday, May 16, 2009

Toad Hall? 

Last evening when I pulled the cover off the grill I discovered a little toad nestled in next to the grill hood, enjoying the shelter under the cover.   Since the grill would soon be too hot for little toad toes, I moved him over to one of the jade plant pots.  He really didn't want to let go of the grill, but I was victorious.

Later on,  I decided that perhaps it's still too cool out for the jade plants, so The Girl and I brought them in and set them up in sunny windows.  Well, windows that would be sunny the next morning, at least.

It was only as we were getting ready for bed a few hours later that I remembered Toad, who had last been seen hunkered down in the dirt next to a jade trunk.  After a thorough inspection, he was nowhere to be found in any of the pots.  I choose to believe that he exited before importation, rather than that he's roaming around in the house somewhere.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 6:52 AM